Heartbreak: Purple, Yellow

Featured here is a collaboration between poet Kathleen Kirk and musician Joe Robinson. Kathleen is the poetry editor for Escape Into Life. Her poems appear in print and online in a variety of journals, including Blood Lotus, blossombones, Confrontation, Poems & Plays, and Poetry East. She is the author of four poetry chapbooks, most recently […]

In The End

Featured here is a collaboration between Cynthia Spencer and Joe Robinson. Cynthia lives in Milwaukee and writes poetry. She has a chapbook available from Plumberries Press titled “In What Sequence Will My Parts Exit.” You can look forward to reading more of her work here. Joe is a Chicagoan. He’s a teacher by day. Ham […]

Antheraea Polyphemus

Featured here is a collaboration between Alicia Hilton, Suzy Erin, and Ben Grigg. Alicia is an author, a law professor, and a former FBI Special Agent. For more information about her poetry and other publications, visit www.aliciahilton.com. Ben and Suzy live in Chicago. They comprise the band, Deathsnack. For this piece, Ben and Suzy wrote […]

The Progress Project

Featured here is a poem by Suzy Erin, which has been put to music by Barber Green. The Progress Project by Suzy Erin Once we were told when you cross the street be sure to have a hand to hold It was medicine we just wouldn’t swallow We laughed in the face of danger- Put […]

The Beast

Here featured is a collaboration between Alicia Hilton and Jake Anderson. Alicia is an author, law school professor, attorney, former FBI Special Agent and former fine art consultant. She is taking time off from teaching to write poetry, a collection of essays, and a novel. You can read more about Alicia at www.aliciahilton.com. Jake is […]