Does the Pope Wear Prada

Here featured is a collaboration between poet Robert McDonald and musician Joe Robinson. Robert lives on the north side of Chicago. He works at an independent bookstore, reads an awful lot, and blogs at Other than a brief stint as a backup singer in the band “Johnny Meadowmuffin and the Road Apples,” this is […]


Here featured is a collaboration between Alicia Hilton and Joe Robinson. Alicia is an author, law school professor, attorney, former FBI Special Agent and former fine art consultant. She is taking time off from teaching to write poetry, a collection of essays, and a novel. You can read more about Alicia and her work here. […]

Truth And Honesty

Here featured is a collaboration between Nat Kundanis-Grow and Joe Robinson. Joe wrote the poem. Nat wrote the melody and created a recording. Truth and Honesty By Joe Robinson A passing cloud of thought Drives a wedge between Truth and Honesty One warmer, more affecting One colder, more enticing A needless choice perhaps With weaker […]

Thoughts (I)

Here featured is a collaboration between Beatrice Kaskowitz, Alex Floor, and Kate Russell. Beatrice wrote the poem. Alex wrote a melody for the poem, performed the instrumentation and sang harmony for a recording, on which Kate sings the melody. Kate and Alex are Brooklyn musicians and they are two thirds of a brand new and […]

Some Summers Ago

Here featured is a collaboration between Chicagoans Anna Kladzyk and Joe Robinson. Anna is a student of engineering, whose passions include poetry, music, and dancing on the sly. Anna’s poem was the spark for this piece of work. Joe wrote a song for the poem, and then made a recording, on which Anna sings harmony. […]