Does the Pope Wear Prada

Here featured is a collaboration between poet Robert McDonald and musician Joe Robinson. Robert lives on the north side of Chicago. He works at an independent bookstore, reads an awful lot, and blogs at Other than a brief stint as a backup singer in the band “Johnny Meadowmuffin and the Road Apples,” this is his first foray into music. You can find his poetry on line if you utilize the Google. Here is a nice interview with Robert. Joe also lives in Chicago. He is a busy teacher, but he reserves some of his time and passion for this patient project here called Ham Kicker. For this piece, Joe wrote, performed, and recorded a song for Robert’s poem.

Does the Pope Wear Prada
by Robert McDonald

Does the Pope wear Prada does a moose wear
shoes is hell getting hotter can you tell me
good news are the rich getting richer do the poor
taste good can we begin the shoot,
do our stars have wood?
Does the Pope wear dresses
does the government lie
does Mary Kate love Ashley
is Howard Stern shy

I need you, baby, like a bathtub
needs a drain
I need you, darling, like a masochist
needs his pain
I need you, sweetheart, like a monkfish
needs its gills
I need you, pumpkin
like Judy Garland needed pills

Does the Pope wear Prada does an elephant
snore are you going to raid my larder
are we doing this some more
did the muppet eat cookies did Mayor McCheese
get fries like a nympho needs her nookie
like a worm needs eyes like a john needs a hooker
like a tree wears leaves like Marilyn was
a looker like an ATM has fees

I need you baby
like the shortbus needs four tires
I wear you snoogums,
an FBI informant wears his wires
I need you bunny:
a paper towel commercial
needs its spills
I want to take you, baby
like Judy Garland took her pills.

Someday we shall all be fed
someday we shall be filled
someday you will take me
like Judy Garland took her pills

Download Does the Pope Wear Prada or click below to listen.


Here featured is a collaboration between Alicia Hilton and Joe Robinson. Alicia is an author, law school professor, attorney, former FBI Special Agent and former fine art consultant. She is taking time off from teaching to write poetry, a collection of essays, and a novel. You can read more about Alicia and her work here. Joe is an educator and a musician. He wrote a melody for Alicia’s poem and then created a recording.

by Alicia Hilton

I thought you
Were dead.
Your roots
Under the compost.
But I looked out
My window.
Saw not just a stem,
Two branches of
Tiny leaves,
A plump head,
A single petal
Sticking out sideways.
Like a kid who refuses
To eat Brussels sprouts.
The next morning,
You were gone.

Download Resurrection or click below to listen.

Truth And Honesty

Here featured is a collaboration between Nat Kundanis-Grow and Joe Robinson. Joe wrote the poem. Nat wrote the melody and created a recording.

Truth and Honesty
By Joe Robinson

A passing cloud of thought
Drives a wedge between
Truth and Honesty

One warmer, more affecting
One colder, more enticing
A needless choice perhaps

With weaker ground to stand on,
And much to throw away,
My head commits to honesty
My actions disobey

Download Truth And Honesty or click below to listen.

Thoughts (I)

Here featured is a collaboration between Beatrice Kaskowitz, Alex Floor, and Kate Russell. Beatrice wrote the poem. Alex wrote a melody for the poem, performed the instrumentation and sang harmony for a recording, on which Kate sings the melody. Kate and Alex are Brooklyn musicians and they are two thirds of a brand new and as-yet-unnamed band. Contact Kate at or Alex at, and listen to more of Alex’s Music.

Thoughts (I)
By Beatrice Kaskowitz
June 9, 1985

While ailing in bed, I suddenly cried
My time is wasting and turned on the light.
I picked up my pen and started to write
“Who is the master, my brain or my plight?”

In every life, a few tears must fall
So wipe your eyes softly, smile and think.
Tears are a weakness, mirth is the link
To serenity and joy.

Download Thoughts (I) or click below to listen.

Some Summers Ago

Here featured is a collaboration between Chicagoans Anna Kladzyk and Joe Robinson. Anna is a student of engineering, whose passions include poetry, music, and dancing on the sly. Anna’s poem was the spark for this piece of work. Joe wrote a song for the poem, and then made a recording, on which Anna sings harmony.

Some Summers Ago
By Anna Kladzyk

The moon is not a constant
Returning and Fleeing
Waning into hermitage
And in parallel time
Filling its whole volume
Brazen glory
Beams radiant
Communing bravery to
the lovers
Eyes, those pools
The pupils, stones that soak
Up inhale light
Static and still
Grasping at rays
trying to temper the lunar
With a stellar ardor
The certainty of
The North Star, the herald
crowns both
could it foretell
the delicate splendor
of the falling feather
one hundred autumns
shared together

Download Some Summers Ago or click below to listen.