By Their Own Hands

Here featured is a poem by Chicago writer and actor, Kevin Cripsin. It has been put to song, performed, and recorded by Chicagoan Joe Robinson.

By Their Own Hands

Coming to conclusions
the man walked away
from the whale he’d slain
looked upon the ocean
and said “it’s blue again”
climbing to the lighthouse top
diving like a swan
to his death.

Facing her fears
the woman fell into traps
of the momentary lapse
that inevitably befalls
the best of us all
she raised the knife to its glint
catching only the slightest hint
of a final breath.

Praying his prayers
the child clutched his hands
too young to feel time’s sand
bearing down on him like night
never knowing that he might
know something besides this sorrow
that would not wake him tomorrow
in his final rest.

Download By Their Own Hands or click below to listen.

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  1. What’s the drum you played in this, Joe? Just curious. I really like this one! :)

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