Deer-Dusk Of An Evening

Featured here is a collaboration between poet Charmi Keranen and musician Joe Robinson. Joe wrote and performed a song for Charmi’s poem. Charmi is the author of the poetry chap The Afterlife is a Dry County (Big Wonderful Press, 2011.)  Her poetry has appeared in Passages North, The Salt River Review, JMWW, Stirring, blossombones, elimae, The Dirty Napkin, Ouroboros Review, Sugar House Review, Inter|rupture, Grasslimb Journal and Hot Metal Bridge.  She and her husband live in Northern Indiana, where she works as a freelance writer and proofreader of court transcripts.  She digs nature and wild things and is attempting to save the planet by raising honey bees.

Read Charmi’s lovely contributions to the ongoing Pulitzer Remix project.


Deer-Dusk Of An Evening
By Charmi Keranen

I take Mother’s bones to town,
sell them to the lowest bidder,

pennies on the ounce. She calls
in the morning, inquiring about

her shoes, Grandmother’s Cadillac,
other forms of abuse.

I unpin my hair and launch
a pineapple grenade.

Washington State phones.
Apologies for the trains.

Grandmother, surely, won’t survive the ride.

A waterfall slices in behind the eye.

Cousin Jean’s red Mustang
rots beneath pines.

The ’51 Ford in the barn,
16,000 miles. No one ever

drives it. It’s never been used.


Download Deer-Dusk Of An Evening or click below to listen.


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