In The End

Featured here is a collaboration between Cynthia Spencer and Joe Robinson. Cynthia lives in Milwaukee and writes poetry. She has a chapbook available from Plumberries Press titled “In What Sequence Will My Parts Exit.” You can look forward to reading more of her work here. Joe is a Chicagoan. He’s a teacher by day. Ham Kicker is his other passion. For this piece, Joe wrote and recorded a song for Cynthia’s poem.

In the End
By Cynthia Spencer

To chase
emphatic exhaustions,
breaking bed-bones with satisfying
smacks, to find
pillow clouded agoraphobic, crawling
low and sweetly
out of blanket loam.

Someday, I will go around
with clasps undone. I will speak
myself an opening. A photograph

will find its way into the hands
of someone who wondered, long ago,
what it was made of. Someone

will be answered, not stop asking.


Download In The End or click below to listen.

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