Here featured is a collaboration between Alicia Hilton and Joe Robinson. Alicia is an author, law school professor, attorney, former FBI Special Agent and former fine art consultant. She is taking time off from teaching to write poetry, a collection of essays, and a novel. You can read more about Alicia and her work here. Joe is an educator and a musician. He wrote a melody for Alicia’s poem and then created a recording.

by Alicia Hilton

I thought you
Were dead.
Your roots
Under the compost.
But I looked out
My window.
Saw not just a stem,
Two branches of
Tiny leaves,
A plump head,
A single petal
Sticking out sideways.
Like a kid who refuses
To eat Brussels sprouts.
The next morning,
You were gone.

Download Resurrection or click below to listen.

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