Some Summers Ago

Here featured is a collaboration between Chicagoans Anna Kladzyk and Joe Robinson. Anna is a student of engineering, whose passions include poetry, music, and dancing on the sly. Anna’s poem was the spark for this piece of work. Joe wrote a song for the poem, and then made a recording, on which Anna sings harmony.

Some Summers Ago
By Anna Kladzyk

The moon is not a constant
Returning and Fleeing
Waning into hermitage
And in parallel time
Filling its whole volume
Brazen glory
Beams radiant
Communing bravery to
the lovers
Eyes, those pools
The pupils, stones that soak
Up inhale light
Static and still
Grasping at rays
trying to temper the lunar
With a stellar ardor
The certainty of
The North Star, the herald
crowns both
could it foretell
the delicate splendor
of the falling feather
one hundred autumns
shared together

Download Some Summers Ago or click below to listen.

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