The Arc Of Memory

Here featured is collaboration between two artists. The poem is by poet, teacher, cook, mother, gardener, long-bow maker, beekeeper, rabble-rouser and happy Ham Kicker collaborator, Lisa E. Baldwin. The song, performance, and recording are by musician, teacher, son, brother, friend, skeptic, and Chicagoan, Joe Robinson.

The Arc of Memory

The trajectory of memory rises steeply away
From truth and down toward desire,
The arc bent by omnipotent time.
Each instance of recollection is refinement;
Memory washes and wraps the truth,
Sweeps up the broken glass and promises
And delivers a distilled, winnowed history.

The historical truth of your arms was violence
Mapped in needle tracks, metered in spoons.
The truth of your eyes — vacancy,
Too often feral, too often dark.
From your mouth, slurred and absurd words
Spilled like vinegared wine

But memory curves around and carries down
Poetry of the keenest intellect,
Easy as breathing;
Love mirrored in green eyes,
Like pools of mercy.
In memory I am cradled in strong arms,
Finding me in the dark. Still
Legato strains of echoed lullaby.

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