The Progress Project

Featured here is a poem by Suzy Erin, which has been put to music by Barber Green.

The Progress Project
by Suzy Erin

Once we were told
when you cross the street
be sure to have a hand to hold
It was medicine we just wouldn’t swallow

We laughed in the face of danger-
Put our cold hands into the fire.
We beleived we were going somewhere-
That Rock’n’Roll held some meaning.

Who will ever know about
the dress I never wore?
What will you do
with a jacket that doesn’t fit anymore,
or blue jeans filled with holes?

Dust gethers in an empty room
where yesterday still writhes on the floor.
A proud display on the cofee table:
photographs sick of their smiles.
It’s been a long time since that was that child.

Smell the seasons changing – Fall to Winter
Already the town is changing its face.
Cut off and cauterized,
We can never go back home.

Now we find ourselves alone
standing in the middle of the street.
Stars we once reached for
are headlights running us down-

Download The Progress Project or click below to listen.

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