Thoughts (I)

Here featured is a collaboration between Beatrice Kaskowitz, Alex Floor, and Kate Russell. Beatrice wrote the poem. Alex wrote a melody for the poem, performed the instrumentation and sang harmony for a recording, on which Kate sings the melody. Kate and Alex are Brooklyn musicians and they are two thirds of a brand new and as-yet-unnamed band. Contact Kate at or Alex at, and listen to more of Alex’s Music.

Thoughts (I)
By Beatrice Kaskowitz
June 9, 1985

While ailing in bed, I suddenly cried
My time is wasting and turned on the light.
I picked up my pen and started to write
“Who is the master, my brain or my plight?”

In every life, a few tears must fall
So wipe your eyes softly, smile and think.
Tears are a weakness, mirth is the link
To serenity and joy.

Download Thoughts (I) or click below to listen.

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